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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frugal Fun: Snow Bound Edition!

Who hasn't heard of Blizzard 09? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I would like to come join you in sunny California! We are on our second snow day in a row here in my part of Michigan and our third in less than a week! Yesterday went well because it was still around 32 most of the day. We went outside and to the store and got most of our chores done. Today, not so warm, not so nice on the roads and not so much housework left.

What to do? Here are the "robots" my kids created with stuff from around the house. Some of their parts move, some don't, but they sure love them.

Of course, all that snow seemed to calling to the kids. Me, not so much. Luckily I have a tried and true solution for that. We have a 10'x10' deck with no steps. I hung out next to the window while they shoveled all the snow off the deck!

Since I still had a load of laundry to wash, we decided that we needed Best Buddy Bathtime today. I made sure the sinks were clean then put in some warm water. The kids soaped up their favorite stuffed animal with kids shampoo from the bathtub and got them clean. (For those of you that know me and have met the rabbit - it was PAST time again.) We just rinse with the sprayer from the sink then wrap in a towel go downstairs and "finish" the bath in the washing machine and dryer. (This activity was born of necessity several years ago to avoid the trauma of putting a dry rabbit into the washer!)

Yesterday I did a little cooking and put Taco Meat and Rice in the fridge. It wasn't a full cooking day, but I got some stuff done. I also made Haystacks and Pulled BBQ Chicken in the crockpot for dinner.

Today I've got the start of Potato Soup in the crockpot for dinner and to freeze the extra and have everything ready to make Peanut Butter Bon Bons. Activities for later today include Pudding Painting a bedroom cleaning (anyone want to guess which is going to be more fun?).


Amy O. said...

I'm here with you in the frozen west michigan. It is so good to create your own fun. Today my kids rolled up newspapers and we made joints with masking tape and now have a big house for the kids to hide in. They decorated it with random things around the house. Fun stuff. : )

Spectacular Savings said...

We have been snowed in as well (Kalamazoo)! And it looks like we might be tomorrow as well! We worked on decorating the envelopes of our Christmas cards and made Christmas ornaments....among many other things to pass the time! Hoping to be able to get out tomorrow!

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