Top Ten Getting Started Deal Shopping/Helpful Article Posts from this Blog

Top Ten {Tuesday}

This was brainstormed after my friend Julie mentioned that pulling out the getting started stuff might be a good idea for the new year. Here are what I consider my top ten articles that either explain the saving process or give you great tips to get you moving.

A Little Can Save A Lot - How starting small can lead to big savings.

Decide What's Right for You - I share lots about how I do things, but it might not be your style.

No Matter What Size the Steps, You Will Get There - Another about how this isn't done in a day, but you can see results.

The Snack Bag and Box - How we utilize a lot of the pre-packaged snacks I get cheap.

What I do with Bulk Hamburger - An ever popular post about using large amounts of this product.

I Don't Really Menu Plan....I Plan Quick Ways to Make a Meal - Yup, that's what I do.

Getting Away from Need Based Buying and Creating a Stockpile - More of a why than a how.

The School Lunch Crunch - Ideas for the lunchbox.

Planning Food for Hotel Eating - Save when you travel!

Bartering Basics

Hope these get you on your way to savings in the new year!