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Michigan Scanner Law (Consumer Pricing Act) - Changes, now becomes the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act

It happened. There are changes to Michigan Scanner Law coming.

I won't get into political stuff, and prefer that you don't either. This is to let you know what has changed and why I don't think it's a huge deal from a shopper stand point.

I read through the official Shopper Reform and Modernization Act today.

The thing that changes is that retailers no longer have to attach a price tag to items in the State of Michigan starting 9/1/11. Item prices must still be displayed where you can see them (ie: shelf).

The provisions for collecting the bounty are still there and don't change. It's just going to be a little more time consuming to prove if you have to run back to the shelf every time.

Here's what I don't see noted: I don't see where the exclusion of sale price for scan law is stated. With the prior act, they didn't allow you to collect the bounty on sale items that scanned regular price. You could only get the difference. I assume they will interpret this the same.

Read it for yourself at the link above. It's pretty straight forward.