Top Ten Types of Coupon Users

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Thought I'd have a little fun.....

Which one are you? Or do you go by a different name? Or maybe you are a combination?

Lazy - "Coupons? Oh yeah, I think that box had one attached." And lets the cashier peel it off. These coupon users saw the coupon, but forgot about it until asked. Not that there's anything wrong with that.... Also likely to roll their eyes at the mom with a stack of coupons because it looks like too much work.

Recreational User - They use a coupon every week. Usually it's for some fun extra, not the normal groceries. Or it's that BOGO for a sandwich at the local fast food place. They do it for the quick thrill of being savvy. They get a nice "high" off it, but it's not a habit.

Helpful - They cut a coupons and are likely to be one other type of user too. But they specifically cut the really good one that they won't use so it can be left on the grocery store shelf for someone else. Will also pass them on to friends. Just as likely to Google for a coupon code for a friend as for themselves.

Dabbler - They print and cut here and there for something that is already on their list or that amazing deal of the week. May not use a coupon every week, but they know a deal when they see one. Very likely to be the one that picks up the coupon left by the "helpful" types.

Mild - Uses coupons every week on items that are great deals that they will use. Pays a little attention to all the extras like getting coupons back, but doesn't stress about it. "Games" are not really their style.

**Below are the types of coupon users that often cause other shoppers to switch checkout lanes**

Moderate - They pay attention to the details. If it's something they will use and can store, they will add it to the list. Uses multiple coupons each week and will begin to play more of the "games" like rolling deals and multiple transactions. Still considers coupon using fun.

Perfectionist - Not only do they pay attention to all the extras, they have everything noted on their list down to the detail. How many transactions, what extras are due to them and how much they are spending. The perfectionist has a calculator in their pocket to double check the register if needed.

Gung-ho! - This is usually the coupon user who will buy ANYTHING if they can get it free. Usually a "helpful" type as well that will then find someone who can use it or will donate what they get for free. It's all about the thrill with these users. Most do not stay in this phase forever, it is curable ;)

OCD - Very much like a Perfectionist, but they will have their complete coupon binder organized from front to back and every coupon perfectly cut along the lines. May also have a mild heart attack if they forget a coupon on the counter or leave the store and then realize they missed a deal.

Extreme - They are the BIG time stockpilers. They are also the people you want to be friends with in case of emergency ;) - Not only do they hit the sale early, they may hit it often. Usually, they will purchase coupons in bulk or go to many lengths to secure them. Often has a network of non-coupon using friends and family that they collect extras from. They are also the ones that will work a deal for "overage" or "moneymaker" to the Nth degree. Many times, they will also be a "helpful" type who will donate large quantities.

So, which are you?


Carrie with Children said...

I guess I would classify myself as Helpful but also Mild and a tad bit OCD. I see a little of myself in each of those descriptions! I am a weirdo when it comes to cutting coupons.. I want them each to be cut perfectly and none of the cutting lines showing. :)

Damsel said...

I'm somewhere between Mild and Moderate. Generally, if it's not something that I would normally buy, I don't clip the coupon for it. I have been known to swtich brands for the sake of a coupon, if the new brand is cheaper with the coupon. And I'm definitely a coupon-stacker-combine-it-with-sales girl.

Great post -- it's fun to see where I fall!!

DanielleS87 said...

I am a moderate. Similar to an OCD though, I get upset if I mess up a deal, miss a deal, or forget a coupon.

Beverly said...

I'm extreme!! I'll admit it! I'm having to make myself slow down now because I'm pretty well stocked and I just don't have the time. With three kids under 8 a full time job and a husband, couponing is usually done late at night!