Building 50 - Traverse City State Hospital - Wednesday Picture Window

Okay, so I said no blogging this week, but this is totally not a full out normal post for me. And I might have a HUGE interest in this place.

We decided on an impromptu trip to Traverse City and tonight took a little stop by one of our favorite fascinations up here. Building 50. {WAY COOL, and CREEPY.} Before the few pictures, the long story short: Building 50 is the main building of what used to be the Traverse City State Hospital {Asylum}. In it's heyday the grounds housed over 5,000 patients and staff on the grounds and was fully self sustaining. From full on mental issues to sunstroke, they treated everything.

Fast forward to 12+ years ago when my husband first showed me the place, it was rundown, bars on the windows and freaky beyond belief. Several years ago a huge renovation started and there are now condos, shops and restaurants in Building 50 as well as many of the out buildings. Much of the original structure has been preserved around modern upgrades. Way cool.

So here's a few pictures that I snapped tonight of the the updates and whatnot, and if you want to see some older pictures, look here.

Just outside the restaurant:

The original door ways are kept in tact in many places:

Cleaned up, but yet not fully renovated:


There's a museum dedicated to the grounds as well. There are some super interesting things in there, including pictures of the old tunnels that connect ALL the buildings. One of the pictures I remember seeing is of the paintings/graffiti/etc that the patients had covered the walls with for years. From the looks of this, it seems as though that have taken parts of the old walls and put them on display.....that's totally a guess, there also seem to be some canvas paintings in the halls that I'm guessing are inspired by those images.

We are going back tomorrow in the daylight. I CAN'T WAIT to go back! Have you ever been?


DrillerAA09 said...

Preservation is almost always a good thing. Nice work.

Bridget @ Giveaway Promote said...

I live about 5 minutes from there. I've never been in Building 50 but we often go hiking in the area around the commons (the yet to be restored buildings are the coolest!) and to their farmers markets.

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