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Thanks for stopping by! Happy to say we are back, and will be joining forces with an up and coming coupon code website, CouponsCollector! Super happy to be joining forces and to help out another website to provide excellent discounts and deals for the World to enjoy. Plenty will be happening on the blog soon, so stay tuned! ~Sarah

Ten Free Rewards Programs

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Top Ten {Tuesday}

Let's kick off the New Year right by rounding up some of the best reward programs out there.

Recyclebank - Accumulate points for activities and surveys and redeem for coupons. Earthbound Organic has $2/2 coupons that make carrots and celery free after sale prices very often.

My Panera Rewards - Grab a card in store and register it online for a free pastry loaded to it. Plus, use it when you eat there to earn more free stuff (they reward you with things you like based on your purchases).

Swagbucks - Seriously, anyone can sign up and you earn "swagbucks" randomly for searching for free. What's not to love about accumulating free stuff for something you do anyway? My favorite reward is a $5.00 Amazon.com Gift Card for 450 points.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride - enter codes, redeem for prizes - mostly looks like coupons for more Huggies products and a few select others.

Pampers Gifts to Grow - Redeem codes that are found with your Pampers products and you collect to redeem for goodies. Currently, the program is set to run until December 2012. Some of the rewards include coupons for free boxes of Cheerios, codes for free products online and sweepstakes.

My Coke Rewards - Save those bottle caps and codes from boxes to enter and get points. Then redeem the points for free coupons and products.

Old Orchard - Earn points for things on their site and select product purchases. Redeem points for Free coupons and more.

Fast Fixin' - Sign up and then save your package UPC's. Mail in 10 and they will send you a coupon for a Free bag! (I've been doing this one for years!)

UPromise - Join and register your debit/credit cards to earn money back on purchases. That money can then be transferred into eligible college savings accounts or used to pay off student loans.

Starbucks Rewards - Great for those that just can't kick the habit! If you treat yourself, make sure you are getting something in return!

What else would you add as a favorite?

Winning Wednesday: What Other Bloggers Are Giving Away 12/28/11

Here's the weekly look at what other bloggers are giving away this week. Good Luck!

Bloggers, don't forget that if you do recipes, I also co-host a weekly Recipe Roundtable linky on Sundays.

And if you are looking to promote your giveaway some more, you can head over the the linky at Stockpiling Moms.

Please include your end date when linking up, Thanks!

Building 50 - Traverse City State Hospital - Wednesday Picture Window

Okay, so I said no blogging this week, but this is totally not a full out normal post for me. And I might have a HUGE interest in this place.

We decided on an impromptu trip to Traverse City and tonight took a little stop by one of our favorite fascinations up here. Building 50. {WAY COOL, and CREEPY.} Before the few pictures, the long story short: Building 50 is the main building of what used to be the Traverse City State Hospital {Asylum}. In it's heyday the grounds housed over 5,000 patients and staff on the grounds and was fully self sustaining. From full on mental issues to sunstroke, they treated everything.

Fast forward to 12+ years ago when my husband first showed me the place, it was rundown, bars on the windows and freaky beyond belief. Several years ago a huge renovation started and there are now condos, shops and restaurants in Building 50 as well as many of the out buildings. Much of the original structure has been preserved around modern upgrades. Way cool.

So here's a few pictures that I snapped tonight of the the updates and whatnot, and if you want to see some older pictures, look here.

Just outside the restaurant:

The original door ways are kept in tact in many places:

Cleaned up, but yet not fully renovated:


There's a museum dedicated to the grounds as well. There are some super interesting things in there, including pictures of the old tunnels that connect ALL the buildings. One of the pictures I remember seeing is of the paintings/graffiti/etc that the patients had covered the walls with for years. From the looks of this, it seems as though that have taken parts of the old walls and put them on display.....that's totally a guess, there also seem to be some canvas paintings in the halls that I'm guessing are inspired by those images.

We are going back tomorrow in the daylight. I CAN'T WAIT to go back! Have you ever been?

Mail Call Monday 12/26/11

I hope this will be a fun series for us all. I've been thinking about it for a long time and finally just decided to ask if I could use the great list another blogger put together. She said YES! The idea is simple, write a feedback letter to the companies listed. Tell them what you like (or didn't) or what your would like to see in a product and see what their response is. Many times they will send coupons in exchange for your note. Not all companies do and it's up to you to decide what to write and if you want to directly ask for coupons.

Here are this weeks suggested companies:

Hefty Trash Bags

Heluva Good

Hodgson Mills

Horizon Organic

I would love to hear what you get! Keep me posted please!

Thanks to Kristin at Couponing to Disney for letting me use her amazing list for this series! She has some great suggestions on writing your letter as well in this post.

Save on Your New Electronic Accessories {Screen Protectors, Car Chargers, Stylus, Cases & More!}

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Did you get a new electronic device for Christmas? Here are some great accessories that you can pick up at very inexpensive prices. This is a pre-scheduled post. Please remember that prices can and do change at any time, so if something is priced differently than I've listed, I'm sorry and please let me know which item by commenting on this post.

Apple iPod USB Travel Kit with Car Charger, Travel Adapter & Cable - $2.98 and Free Shipping

Rapid Travel Charger for iPod - $.48 and $2.97 Shipping (List $39.99)

CTA DIGITAL iPod Fold-Up Amplified Aluminum Speakers ( White ) - $2.25 and eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping

Speck Products IPH3G-CNDY-A18A19 CandyShell Case for iPhone 3G, 3G S (SeaGlass Blue) - Limited Edition Color - $4.02 and $2.85 Shipping (List $34.95)

Apple Ipad Tablet 16GB 32GB 64GB Wi-Fi WiFi 3G Soft WHITE SILICONE Skin Sleeve - $3.00 and $2.94 Shipping (List $19.99)

2 Piece LCD Screen Protector Film for New Nintendo DSi - $.02 and $2.98 Shipping

3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen ( Red + Black + Silver ) for AT&T Apple iPhone 3G S - $1.48 and Free Shipping

USB Sync and Charging Cable Compatible with Apple iPhone (White) - $1.07 and Free Shipping

6 ct New Durable Thin Reusable Screen Protector for Apple Ipad 2 with cleaning cloth $4.50 and Free Shipping

6ct Reusable Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 - $1.25 and Free Shipping

Front and Back Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 (3 pack) - $1.00 and Free Shipping

iPhone Gel Cases for 3 & 4 - Starting as low as $1.35 and Free Shipping
(Many cases under $2.00 including shipping)

Gel Cases for Various LG Optimus Phones - Starting at under $3.00 including shipping

This is just a sampling of the many great deals from Amazon.com. Be sure to check them out for more!


Cream Cheese Ham Ball

Cream Cheese Ham Ball

2 8oz Cream Cheese Bricks (Softened)
1 Tablespoon Season Salt
8oz Finely Chopped Ham
6 Green Onions Chopped (Whites left out)
Optional Slivered Almonds or Crushed Pecans to roll it in.

Mix all ingredients together and place on cling wrap. Use the wrap to form a ball and tie at the top. Place in fridge to chill at least 2 hours, but overnight works best. When ready to serve, remove wrap and roll in Almonds/Pecans if desired. Serve with crackers, we prefer Wheat Thins here.

Time for a Break!


Things are going to be much slower around here for the next week. Last year I took the better part of two weeks off and it was the best blogging decision I've made since starting. This week I'm blogging very little, if anything, that I have not already scheduled as of this post. I will be working behind the scenes on off site projects, plans and ideas for 2012. I will be back to a full blogging schedule (and hope to have a SET schedule) starting 1/2/12 that will include Sunday's off.

This year has been filled with some amazing things for myself and Sarah's Deals and it's very much because of all of you. You have supported me in so many ways and I am so grateful for that. I've gone from working close to 40 hours per week at two jobs outside of my home to just 5 hours per week at one job outside my home and having Sarah's Deals be my primary source of income.

Because of your comments that encourage me, emails that tip me off to additional deals, visiting my site and using the links I provide, my family has reaped many rewards. I'm able to spend more time with my husband and kids and still pay bills and have made large strides in reducing our debt. I've also been able to go out in to the community more and teach classes and have recently set aside several hours each week for volunteering at Mel Trotter Ministries.

I accomplished many goals that I set for myself and Sarah's Deals at the beginning of 2011 and I hope you are benefiting from the more consistent deals/match ups as well as the value added content I've created for you this year.

Thanks to your support here, I've also stepped outside of Sarah's Deals to work with some amazing people and collaborate on some great projects. I did it with confidence knowing that you would support some of those projects as well. I've mentioned it from time to time, but am especially proud to be a regular contributing blogger for Murphy USA. Thank you for checking out my posts over there when I've mentioned them. I've also guest posted on a number of other blogs and hope to continue branching out in the new year.

I am in the process of bringing on at least one assistant. I hope you will welcome her and any other with open arms. She will be doing some basic coupons/deals/highlights posts that simply take time from other things for me, and my hope is that she will create some original content as the year goes on that will show you all her personality as well.

Finally, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and many savings in 2012!

All You Magazine Coupon!

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Have you been considering an All You Magazine Subscription?

The only way to get it is to subscribe or buy it off the stand at Walmart. It is by far the best magazine I know of for coupons and will pay for itself quickly in my opinion.

But, just in case you want to check out an issue for yourself before committing to the subscription, grab this $.50/1 Coupon and use it at your local Walmart to try it.


Walgreens: 2/$1.00 illy issimo Coffee Drinks through 12/24/11!

(Some of the links in this post may be my affiliate or referral links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.)

There are two new illy issimo coupons available. They have store logos on them, but are manufacturer coupons!

Walgreens has these on sale through 12/24/11 UPDATE: This is a month long deal through 12/31/11!
Buy (2) illy Coffee (Caffe, Latte Macchiato or Cappuchino) 2/$3
-$2/2 illy issimo Cans
Total = $.50 EACH!

(Thanks Wild for Wags!)

Kraft Make it Delicious Recipe Book $2.99 {Has $30 in Coupons in it!}

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Head over here and look in the right sidebar for this offer!

Buy Kraft Make it Delicious for just $2.99 with code Save2 and you will receive the recipe book w/ $30 in Kraft Foods Coupons in it!

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